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I travelled with Karuna on the “A Walk through Rajasthan” tour, and loved every minute of it! Nicole and Pritesh do a wonderful job providing a variety of unique travel experiences, I particularly enjoyed the block printing class as well as the focus on women-owned organizations. During the 12 day tour, they took such good care of us and we enjoyed well-known sites like the Taj Mahal, but also little known delights that made the experience magical.

The small group format makes it all the more fun! I wouldn’t hesitate to book with Karuna again.

- Becky, Block Printing in Jaipur, 2022

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Had such a beautiful experience on the Karuna trip to India! Nicole + Pritesh were amazing guides - their passion India was infectious and you can feel their deep love for the country. We saw so many beautiful places: the Taj Mahal, Jaipur, Rishikesh, Pushkar. Ate so many delicious meals and shared so many delicious chai's. Nicole guided us through some beautiful Kriya yoga practices and even walked me through my first Pooja practice! Loved how Nicole really made an effort to support women run businesses in India - you can really feel and her passion for womens empowerment throughout the itinerary! As someone who has never done a tour, this was a beautifully run tour and I would recommend it highly! You have the perfect balance of organization and freedom to explore on your own as well!

So excited for Pritesh and Nicole to continue on this path and share their beautiful love for India! :)

Shimona, Neelkanth Mahadev Temple, 2023

Travelling with Karuna was unlike any other tour I have ever done in the best way possible. If you are looking for an experience that will make you feel more like you are integrating into a country as a local then being a foreigner doing the most touristic things then this is for you. Nicole and Pritesh have put together such a unique experience where you still get to do thing like visit the Taj Mahal but you also go to the most amazing hidden gems that only locals would know about. Nicole's passion to support woman owned business makes the trip super special especially in a country where woman in business isn't seen very often. Whether it was drinking chai at the local walas or going to evening pooja at temple or being shown the best places to shop for amazing Indian textiles I loved it all. They are also both constantly telling stories from hindu mythology and they are a wealth of knowledge for touring India which they shared with us to take on the rest of our journey after our tour had finished. Couldn't recommend them more! (if 6 stars or more was an option I would definitely hand out bonus)

Genique, 2022

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I am a very experienced world traveler, travelling to 40 countries, most off the tourist path. However, when I decided to go to India I really wanted Nicole to be my guide. I was nervous for the unknown and the wild country of India. Little did I know how incredibly gracious and loving the country and the people are. Nicole and Pritesh went above and beyond to make my trip memorable and me comfortable! This included pre-trip help, on arrival pick up, helping me take out money, and accommodating my diet. I actually had to evacuate the country when Covid “hit” and Nicole and Pritesh guided us back to the airport and stayed calm the entire time. I honestly cannot express my love and gratitude for them and the amazing country! I am planning on going on the south India tour and I am counting down the days.

- Miranda during Holi, celebration of colour, in Rishikesh, 2020

I used Karuna to travel to India in early March 2020 and could not recommend them more highly! I had two full weeks of a 1:1 guided experience with Nicole and Pritesh while in Rishikesh and I have never participated in such a thoughtful and smoothly planned trip. Each day was filled with an abundance of outdoor activities that were adventurous and culturally breathtaking to take in. At the end of each day, there was still plenty of time for me to simply bask on the side of the legendary Ganges River with a good book in hand. Motoring through the Himalayas, ambling through the streets while intermittently stopping to taste the delicious food, embracing the infamous "International Yoga Festival", and consuming endless cups of creamy chai - the trip truly had it all. Nicole and Pritesh made my experience so much more valuable and memorable than if I attempted it alone. They provided seamless organization and scheduling while allowing me plenty of downtime to do whatever I wanted to do alone. They were kind and understanding, perfectly balancing each other. They worked well together to present a united and streamlined front. Most importantly (to me) they were so much fun! Nicole and Pritesh both have an amazing sense of humor which made me feel more like a friend than a customer, which was exactly the experience I was seeking while alone in India. I loved traveling with Karuna and am looking forward to traveling with them again soon!

- Lisa in Rishikesh, 2020

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